Celebrity Chef

Guidelines for Chefs

Thank you for your interest in Hillside School’s Celebrity Chef Challenge! This special occasion is a fundraiser to help young people in Kenya and Tanzania continue their education. Chefs will be sharing their best culinary recipes with students and their families in the Bridgewater community. Participants will sample the foods and reward their favorite dishes with monetary tips. There will be 5 “GOLDEN SPOON” prizes for the top tip earners in the following categories: Hillside Staff, Hillside 6th Grade Students, Hillside Parents, Community, and “Best in Show.”

  • This is a food tasting/food sampling event, not a buffet dinner. Make enough bite-size servings to compete.

  • Last year we had over 500 people tasting and tipping.

  • Portion sizes should be similar to free samples at grocery stores.

  • Chefs may choose to prepare an appetizer, main dish, dessert, bread, salad, drink, or something unique to your culture.

  • All food items must be pre-prepared and ready to serve.

  • There are only a few electrical outlets available. Please let us know by Friday, October 18th if you need access to an electrical outlet. You will not be accommodated the night of the event due to limited availability.

  • Napkins, tasting cups, paper plates and flatware will be provided. We will be using eco-friendly products and there will be a recycling-trash station in the center of the gym. Please use this station when disposing your trash.

  • The event starts at 6:30. The gym will be available at 6:00pm for set-up.

  • Please be aware that your competition space is limited in size to the top of a student desk. 

  • You may decorate your space, wear costumes, and include any other “bells and whistles” to attract tippers.

Please provide:

  • Your own serving spoons
  • Your own tip jar- can be decorated if you wish o List of ingredients for food allergies
  • Please remember that this event is a fundraiser. The ultimate goal is to raise as much money as possible, while having fun. As a result, you may raise money for your individual tip jar in advance of the event.

  • Tipping will stop promptly at 7:50 pm to allow counting of the tips, and no tips will be accepted after that for the competition.