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Hillside’s Clubs

Hillside’s Roots & Shoots Environmental Club is composed of Hillside’s Environmental Leaders & Protectors (HELP!) and Students Raising Students (SRS).  We meet together once a month on a Friday morning in Hillside’s Library.  Below is a description of each program component. 

HELP - HELP is the Roots & Shoots program dedicated to protecting animals and the environment.  Our mission is to create and maintain a native schoolyard habitat that attracts many different forms of wildlife.  We are responsible for organizing backyard workdays throughout the year and coordinating Hillside’s Forest Fest in June.  We are also involved with Martin Luther King Day of Service in January.  

STUDENTS RAISING STUDENTS (SRS) - is the Roots & Shoots program committed to learning about the lives of children around the world and to promoting the educational rights and aspirations of every child.  Specifically, our mission is to raise awareness about the impact of poverty on the lives of children in East Africa, and to increase their educational opportunities through scholarships.  We are responsible for sponsoring the Celebrity Chef Challenge in November and we have a booth at Hillside’s Forest Fest in June.  

Hillside Herald Newspaper Club – Club members serve as reporters, photographers, illustrators, editors, publishers, and more for our school newspaper. The Herald is published twice a year, affording ample opportunities for club members, to conduct interviews, write opinion pieces or poetry, write news stories reporting on school activities, create comic strips or puzzles, and more. Meetings will be held before school on the second Friday of each month. However, much of the work is done independently and only requires check-ins with the advisor.

Hillside’s Student Council  - Elected students represent their homerooms and participate in a number of school-wide and community projects as well as hold fundraisers to benefit programs such as the Elle Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House.  Interest forms are distributed in homeroom by the 3rd week of September followed by elections.  Meetings are held once or twice a month on a Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. 

Hillside Theatre Club – Presents one production each year.  There are many different ways a child can be involved in the production process: as actors, assistant directors, stage managers, and stage crew.  Auditions are required for acting positions and the student must be cast to join.  Information is generally shared with students in December.

To register for clubs please complete the attached form and return to Hillside Intermediate School.  Remember that some require a student be elected, audition and be cast, or be invited to participate.