Hillside students receive a taste of Science during assembly

Hillside students receive a taste of Science during assembly

Michelle Mele is a Math and Social Studies Teacher for the 6th Grade at the Hillside Intermediate School.

Her unofficial position is Recruiter.

Her idea to attract Hillside students to participate in the school’s annual STEAM EXPO in April is to hold an assembly in January.

That assembly which was held for the entire student body at Hillside on the morning of January 30,, serves as a prelude to bigger and better things come Thursday, April 11, when the highly acclaimed Hillside TEAM EXPO is staged.

“We want to get our kids interested in Science, and hopefully this assembly will do that,’’ Ms. Mele said before the entire 6th Grade class sat down in Hillside’s multi purpose room  to view a representative who was known as “Mad Jack” from Mad Science perform his tricks.

 Mad Science is an organization based in New Jersey that specializes in engaging  and educating children through fun and interactive science programs. Mad Science exhibitions are often held at schools and the company also sponsors parties, after-school programs and camps.

“Mad Jack” performed various science acts and experiments that entertained and educated the 6th Graders at 9:30 that morning of January 30 and then the entire 5th Grade class at 10:30 a.m.

“This assembly is very useful. This past year we had about 160 kids participate  in the STEAM EXPO,” Ms. Mele said about how the assembly can whet the appetite of potential student scientists.

Fliers that explained how to register for the STEAM EXPO were available at the door leading into the multi purpose room.

“Mad Jack:'' invited some Hillside students to come on stage and help him perform his experiments.

One interested spectator was Dr Tali Axelrod, the Hillside Principal.

“This assembly was both fun and educational for our students as “Mad Jack” used chemicals and science experiments to entertain our Hillside students. They were a great audience and had loads of fun while learning about science!” Principal Axelrod said.