Hillside student wrote a story that was published in a book

Hillside student wrote a story that was published in a book

A 5th Grade student at Hillside Intermediate School picked a familiar subject to write a book about.


Well, a fictional character whose life does sound like the one Oliva Sorensen lives.

This student jumped at the opportunity her Hillside teacher, Kiran Masud, presented in her English Language Arts class to write a narrative.

We could write about what we wanted, and since I like to draw, I chose to write a book,” reported Olivia who submitted her work in a book format.

The publication, which is 29 pages long and includes illustrations, is titled “A Day In The Life Of A 5th Grade Girl.”

“The book is based on me and my friends, but I changed their names in the book,” Olivia said.

 The book was published on the efforts of the passionate and energetic Ms. Masud, who is co-advisor of  Hillside's highly regarded Roots & Shoots program with fellow teacher Sean Smith.

Ms. Masud discovered a program that offers free publishing for works written by students.

The free published book returned to the delight of the writer/student and teacher—and gained the attention of the classmates.

“She used the inspiration of her own life to turn it into fiction,” Ms. Masud said. “She is a role model for the class.”

“I hope that I inspired others to write a book,” Oliva said. 

“This offer is open to all students,” Ms. Masud added.

The ending of her book left the door open for future writing. 

“I left it on as a cliffhanger,” Oliva revealed. “So I may have another one coming.”