Hillside scientists show off their exhibits during STEAM EXPO

Hillside scientists show off their exhibits during STEAM EXPO

Young scientists exhibited their works in front of families and friends on Thursday, April 20, when the annual STEAM EXPO was held at the Hillside Intermediate School.

 Approximately 70 students participated and shared information about their projects like skilled presenters.

Hillside Teacher Michelle Mele coordinated this exhibit and shared how well the event went over.

“An enjoyable evening was had by all who attended as so many had such wonderful things to say about our young ladies and gentlemen who took part in the event. Another great part about the evening was that we once again could hold the expo live in person and truly experience all our Hillside scientists had to offer,” Ms. Mele said.

She continued to speak about how well the EXPO turned out.

“We would also like to thank the families, staff, and other students that came out to offer support and congratulations to our participants. The overall success of the STEAM EXPO continues to amaze me year after year as our students always place the bar high for next year’s group. Thank you again to all who participated and made this another fantastic year for us to watch you shine,” Ms. Mele stated.