Hillside choral students delivered meaningful sounds

Hillside choral students delivered meaningful sounds

The sounds that the Hillside Intermediate School choir students delivered spoke volumes

The 5th Grade choral students and the 6th Grade choir each produced a message when they performed during the Hillside Chorus Concerts on Monday, May 1, and Wednesday, May 3.

The 5th Graders sang on May 1, followed by the 6th Graders, who took center stage on May 3 during their concerts that were held during the day and evening in the Hillside’s gymnasium. 

The concerts were performed before classmates, Hillside staff and teachers and families on both May 1 and May 3.

The dedicated leader of these choir groups, Tony Sgro, who is the Hillside Chorus Director, heard more than pleasant sounds during the shows.

“Our Hillside 5th and 6th Graders brought their voices together with messages of hope, joy and positivity. I am so proud of these young musicians because they are learning how to express themselves in their music,” Mr. Sgro revealed.

The Hillside Principal, Dr. Tali Axelrod, enjoyed the concerts.

“The chorus concerts were amazing,” dr. Axelrod said. “The singing was so beautiful! I am so proud of our students for all of their hard work.”

She touched on why the concerts were so moving.

“We are so lucky to have Mr. Sgro here as our chorus director!”