Hillside 5th graders start their instrumentalist careers with sound performance

Hillside 5th graders start their instrumentalist careers with sound performance

The journey was launched to the enjoyment of family and friends when the Hillside Intermediate School held its 5th Grade Band/Orchestra Winter Concert on the morning of Thursday, January 12.

The Hillside gymnasium was packed with family and friends as well as fellow classmates and staff when the band that is made up of 91 students and the orchestra that is 82 strong performed various lively renditions.

The band  produced clear and well-tuned sounds under the direction of Patti Kearns while the orchestra delivered their splendid music under their director, Elizabeth Kane.

Among the many spectators were Dr. Laura Bassett, the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District’s Supervisor of Arts Education, and Hillside Assistant Principal Marc Hungarter.

They both touched on how these gifted students have a potentially bright future playing an instrument.

“It was wonderful to hear the Hillside 5th grade band and orchestra students perform. These beginning instrumentalists started learning their instruments in October and worked so hard to share their progress with families,” Dr. Bassett said. “This is just the beginning of a long musical journey, and they are in good hands with Ms. Kane and Ms. Kearns.”

Assistant Principal Hungarter presented the introduction before the performance and he stated 

“This is the first concert of many to come, You next have middle school and then high school,”

Assistant Principal Hungarter was also impressed by how many 5th graders are involved in the band and orchestra.

“Band and orchestra are an elective and look how many students took either band or orchestra,” he revealed.

The future indeed sounds bright.


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