Grade 5 & 6 Summer Math

Parents/Guardians of 5th and 6th Grade Students,

This school year, we have transitioned to a software program in the classroom called Freckle. Freckle allows students to practice Math at their own level. This software replaces Tenmarks which became unavailable after June 30, 2019.

Student accounts will be available for continued practice until mid-August. We would encourage you to support your child’s continued practice in Freckle over the summer. This will help them maintain the progress they have made over the school year and keep their skills sharp!

You do ​not ​need to create a new Freckle account; your child will simply log into their existing account and continue practicing where they left off in the classroom. Students can access their Freckle account through their home school web page using their Clever login. 

Once they have logged in, they can choose to practice Math with a variety of different adaptive learning pathways and practice math facts. Summer is a great time for students to explore these activities at their own pace!

If your child does choose to practice, it is important that your child does this practice independently, without any help. If they are having difficulty with a concept, and the video tutorials on the site do not help, your child should be encouraged to do a different section.

Thank you for supporting your child’s summer learning. Have a wonderful summer!


Juliette Campasano
Supervisor, Mathematics, Grades K-4

Michael Poe
Supervisor, Mathematics, Grades 5-8